Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Movie Boards

These boards were done a few years ago when the Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies was being filmed here in Chicago. In the interest of disclosure they were done for a private client who was vying for a consultant's position with the director Michael Mann, which he got by the way.

At the time of the filming these scenes weren't planned out yet but Mann liked the drawings so much that they wound up being used as the basis for the final sequence in the movie. I was never on set but simply worked from a general description of the historical reportage of how Dillinger bought the farm just a few doors down from the Biograph Theater. The final filmed version was if course much slicker than my scrawlings with a couple of extra details added but it was still great seeing a wee bit of my "influence" in the sequence. Later I wound up doing a portrait of the client in full gangster regalia. To be posted later.

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