Monday, December 22, 2014

For The Holidaze.....

An example of quick repurposing.

This was a gift caricature of a client who hired me for a two day medical convention. I never got a chance to draw her at the convention so I agreed to do the gift caricature gratis from photographs she  provided. After approval from a sketch I started work....on other freelance gigs that slowed my progress on her gift caricature. Long story short by the time I was able to finish the piece it was waaaay past Thanksgiving. Changes needed to be made and by mid December I emailed her the finished piece seen above along with...........

...............this one!

I never got any feedback from her but there's an old truism in advertising that says if you don't hear anything from the client then that's a good thing and you're good to go. Plus my client has a very busy schedule so I moved on.

Two years pass and I'm hired for her company's convention for this year (its a bi-annual event by the way). Then I discover that she never got the caricatures. Needless to say I was floored but very apologetic. Lucky for me she wasn't upset despite the time that passed. I guess I was so swamped with work at the time that I simply thought I sent the work. I was able to draw her and her fellow co-workers this time around at the convention but made sure to send her the digi caricatures. She loved them both and I was able to start breathing again. Somewhere in this story there's a lesson but I'll leave that for smarter readers to ferret out.

Happy Holidaze and all that jazz everyone.

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